Contributing with life quality improvement of our employees and their families through the integral development of people. COMIVA supports the agricultural development and the rural communities by the through the promotion of crops and marketing of their crops, thereby improving the quality of life of farmers in our country.

To COMIVA the ethics, fair treatment, respect for the environment, community and people, as well as the compliance with national and international law, are so important in the way we do business with customers and suppliers that we encourage them to follow the same guidelines.


Integrated Quality Policy

Applied to productive activity, ensuring compliance of national and international requirements, contributing to social growth and continuous improvement of processes and human talent.


Food Quality and Safety

Satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers providing confidence through natural, safe and nutritious food of high quality. Offer product availability and timely care.


World Quality

Our processes of harvest, packaging and product distribution make us a highly productive company, with the capacity to satisfy your demands and global quality, while providing environmental care needs.


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